Surface Production and Injection Facilities Course

Course Outline

Course Duration:5.0 Days

Preparation of Plant For Maintenance:

  • Understanding of Surface Production
  • Facilities Concepts
  • Operations Techniques and Control
  • Oil, Gas & Water Separators
  • Gas Compression
  • Safety Systems (Normal & Emergency Shutdown)
  • Fire & Gas Detection
  • Relief and Flaring Systems
  • Gas Dehydration
  • NGL Recovery
  • Effluent Water Treatment Plant


The aim of this course is to describe the systems involved and their control in the production of Oil and Gas. To learn about the important design principles of each system and operational characteristics as well as the hazards associated with each key topic discussed within the process and utility systems. The participants will clearly understand the basic concepts and principles of operation involved when dealing with equipment used in Oil, Gas, Water Injection and Produced Water Systems. They will be able to identify the precautions to be taken when dealing with chemical and toxic substances and in particular demonstrate an awareness of the hazards associated with Hydrocarbons.

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