Speedtronic Mark VIe Controls Course

Course Outline

Course Duration: 5.0 Days

Day 1

Introduction to Student Documentation
System overview and Architecture
Panel/Hardware Identification, Description, Layout
I/O Cards
Typical Panel Layout
Lab#1 MarkVIe System Architecture
Review of GEH-6721 Vol. II
TMR/Duplex Panel Layout
Lab#2 MarkVIe System Architecture
Power Distribution Modules
ToolboxST2.x Basics
Password Structure
Demonstration of Basics
Monitoring the MKVIe
Local vs. Remote I/O
I/O Report
Lab#3 Identify and Monitor I/O Points

Day 2

Monitoring the MKVIe
block structure
help files
Linked Blocks
Lab#4 Identify and Monitor Internal Software
Using the MKVIe Finder
Lab#5 Finder
Using the MKVIe Trender
Lab#6 Trender
Using Watch Windows
Lab#7 Troubleshooting Functions
Lab#8 Tune-up
Constants and Variables
Changing and saving

Day 3

Editing application software
Making software changes permanent
Downloading to the Controller
Lab# 11 Code Generation
Lab# 12 Digital I/O
Lab# 13 Software and Hardware I/O Editing
Lab# 14 Software and Analog I/O Editing
Adding another duplicate Unit - G2
Review of Typical TMR software - G2

Day 4

I/O PAC and Terminal board replacement
Viewing and troubleshooting I/O diagnostic alarms
Lab# 9 Hardware Diagnostics
Lab# 14 I/O Pack Initialization
Communication with Cimplicity
-EGD Communication
Lab #20 Cimplicity Communication
Replacing the Controller card
Lab# 15 UCCx Controller Initialization
Using the Low Level Monitor (LLM)
Telnet to the Controller
Using LLM to access I/O PAC Information
Adding and Modifying Alarms, SOEs and Events
Lab# 18 Add & Modify Alarms and SOEs
Peer to Peer to communications with MarkVIe
Communicating with Legacy Devices
Unit Data Highway (UDH)
Lab #19 MarkVIe Peer to Peer Communications

Day 5

Configuring Trip and DDRs History
Viewing Trip History
Lab #24 Configure Trip History
Calibration using the MarkVIe
Lab #25 Lab Servo Calibration
Closing and evaluation of the course

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