Speedtronic Mark V Control Systems

Course Outline

Course Duration: 10.0 Days

  • Introduction to Speedtronic Mark V control System
  • Control System Hardware and Documentation
  • MSDOS and Mark V Software for IDOS
  • MSDOS and Hardware Exercises for IDOS
  • Start-up and Shutdown Sequences(Simulator)
  • WIN NT , Cimplicity ,TCI and Files Structures for HMI
  • Piping Schematics (Control Overview)
  • Sequencing and Control
  • Sequencing Documentation and Simple Sequencing Blocks
  • Big Blocks and Programming
  • Sequencing Exercises
  • Protection/Vibration
  • Emergency Overspeed Protection Exercises
  • Operation Fundamentals Review
  • Operator Displays; Password Administration; Alarm Management
  • User Defined Display Exercises
  • Animated Displays; EEPROM Downloading
  • Turbine Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Panel Troubleshooting and Fault Finding
  • Troubleshooting Exercises
  • Calibration Procedures for SRV, IGV, IGV (Manual and Auto)
  • Review of Overall System Operation
  • Practical Exercises

This site specific course is designed to enable engineers and competent instrument and control technicians and engineers to confidently calibrate the controls and diagnose problems in Gas Turbine SPEEDTRONIC Mark V Control Systems.

The course is designed to provide a solid background in turbine governing systems.

Participants increase their skills in relating machine operating requirements to the SPEEDTRONIC control.

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