Production Operation Facilities: Operation and Control Course

Course Outline

Course Duration: 5.0 Days

Day 1
Process, Separation, Produced Water, Gas Compression, Safety System (Normal and Emergency Shutdown System)
Fire & Gas Detection, Relief and Flaring System, Gas Dehydration NGL Recovery, Drain System ,Utilities ,Export System and Storage Tanks Separators, Principles of Separation, Equipment Types, Instrumentation & Control BS&W.

Day 2
Produced Water, Equipment Types, Instrumentation & Control Gas Compression, Principles of Compression, Surge, Types of Compressors / Drivers Ancillary Equipment, Instrumentation & Control Safety System (Normal and Emergency Shutdown System) Personnel Safety, Equipment Safety, Plant Safety, Environmental Protection

Day 3
Fire & Gas, Types of Detection Equipment, Location of Detection Equipment Interface with ESD. Relief & Flaring Systems, Types of relief, Types of Flare, Flare Ignition Systems Gas Dehydration, Principles of Dehydration ,Equipment Types, Instrumentation & Control Hydrates

Day 4
NGL Recovery, Principles of NGL Recovery, Equipment Types, Instrumentation & Control. Drain System, Classification of Drains, Equipment Types, Utilities, Utility Systems,

Day 5
Export System and Storage Tanks, Transport System, Pigging, Metering, Storage, Export Specification.
Course Review


Oil & Gas Production Operations & Control training programme is aimed at improving the delegates' knowledge and understanding of the various principles of operation involved in producing, handling and processing hydrocarbons and associated fluids. In this programme you will learn how to:
- increase learning and comprehension of the various systems,
- contributing towards safe, efficient and economic operation of plant and equipment.

This workshop will improve delegates' knowledge about various aspects of the production operations. These include exploration and geology, drilling and preparation, production of gas and oil, and surface processing units and operations. Issues related to mid-stream and down-stream will be discussed as well.

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