Basic Power Generator Distribution & Emergency Power Generation System

Course Outline


  • Fundamentals of generator operation
  • Details of design and construction
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Synchronisation
  • Operation
  • Excitation control (AVR)
  • Demonstration of practical AVR operation (Alsthom DX21) linked to dynamic computer generator model

Distribution (up to 33KV) & Transmission Systems (132KV):

  • System components
  • System operation
  • Maintenance requirements
  • The effect of starting large ac motors on system operation e.g. ESP

Standby Generation:

  • Choice of unit in relation to essential services
  • Electrical and mechanical interlocking
  • Automatic initiation of standby generation
  • Restoration of load to main supply
  • Control and protection requirements


The course concentrates on the generation and electricity supply aspects of large interconnected industrial electrical power systems.The course is non-mathematical and all exercises are designed to draw on candidates existing experience and the newly acquired knowledge of system operation that the course provides. In order to provide practical awareness throughout the course a demonstration of an actual AVR is included. In addition, manufacturer's training software is demonstrated and provided for candidates' private study.

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